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2002 I was diagnosed with cancer I spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. I thought why my life is good I’m not even thirty yet. I had a great life ahead of me. When you hear a doctor say you have a life-threatening disease you go into panic mode. You start to get all emotional straight up thinking your life is and has hit a wall.

I did what most people do instead of thinking rationally I decided to start doing the things I was going to miss out on (so I thought). So I went into party mode and tried to keep my mind busy not thinking about it and the more damage I was doing to my body. I started to drink heavily and relieve the feeling of self-pity and hurt emotionally that I was feeling, so I thought if I’m not going to live I will drink and have a great time with what time I had left.

How wrong I was this did not last long before I hit another wall I was losing friends because of my actions. Little did they know what I had been told about my health. I felt like I was in a gully with mountains all around me while my health was depleting. I was not able to work I needed a change fast.

Then a friend showed me I had a lot more to live for than just the bottle and pills and whatever else I was getting to relieve the pain of life. How I could help so many people in the world.If I could learn to turn this situation around.

So from that time I started to fight back or learn what caused this issue for my body to regain its former health. This was not an easy task it took time to undo the further damage I had caused to my body as well as my emotions.  Now I live for https://www.dypcoeambi.com/ life and help others achieve a life  of full health

Let’s make a difference in this world and make cancer and other health issues a thing of the past.
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With support from good friends and your own positive beliefs, anything is possible.


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