Best workout for natural bodybuilders

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Natural body building is on the rise as more and more people aim to get fit and bulk up without any performance enhancers.

The problem is that a lot of people who are new (and not so new) to the world of natural lifting keep trying to use workout routines designed for people who may be using some – ahem – assistance.

The thing about performance enhancing drugs is that they enhance your performance: you can lift more and heavier for longer, and your recovery is faster too. So people who are using enhancers will be able to push themselves harder – doing hard core workouts six days a week.

For natural bodybuilders, that kind of schedule just doesn’t work: there’s not enough time for proper muscle recovery and regeneration. So you’re going to have to take a different approach.

To begin with, let’s have a look at how to build muscle:

Protein is the building block of muscle. Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is a process triggered by damage to a muscle, as it is during exercise. The damage causes your body to produce protein in order to repair the muscle.

If your muscle protein synthesis is greater than your muscle protein situs slot gacor terbaik breakdown, then your muscles will repair and grow. If you want to increase your MPS – and you don’t want to use anabolic steroids to do it – then the best way to achieve it is to increase your protein intake immediately after exercise.

But, you can have too much of a good thing. A study done by the University of Birmingham showed the following:

  • 10g of whey protein consumed immediately after resistance training had no effect on MPS.
  • 20g of whey protein consumed immediately after resistance training increases MPS by 49%.
  • 40g of whey protein consumed immediately after resistance training: MPS was increased by 56%, but excessive accumulation of urea was caused.

The upshot? 20g of whey protein, consumed immediately after training is going to go a long way toward helping you to get the results and growth that you’re working so hard to achieve. 

It’s still not going to get your MPS anywhere near the level that steroids will though. Which means that you’re also going to need to change your workout regime to cater for your different rest and recovery cycle. Because there’s zero benefit in a natural bodybuilder trying to use a workout regime designed around enhancements. All that will happen is that you’ll end up slot terbaru exhausted and injured.

For a natural bodybuilder to get the best results, you need to stick to these 5 rules:

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Limit the Volume

You need to do enough volume to ‘damage’ the muscle enough to trigger MPS, but not so much that you blow out your recovery time. The exact amount of volume you need to do will vary from lifter to lifter – you’ll need to work out what suits you.

The 2x rule

Because your workout will naturally be shorter due to limiting your volume, your recovery time will be faster and you’ll be able to train each muscle group twice per week (rather than just once, like enhanced regimes). Shorter workouts also have the benefit of not blowing out your cortisol levels, which can limit muscle recovery and growth.

Compound lifting is key

Compound exercises increase the production of testosterone situs judi slot and growth hormone more than isolation exercises do. They also allow you to work more muscled in a shorter amount of time, letting you keep your workouts shorter.

Go against your instincts

It’s normal to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to lift heavier, work longer, and completely exhaust yourself to get big. But the thing is, that’s almost exactly the opposite of what natural bodybuilders need to do. Ideal natural workouts will be shorter, and involve fewer exercises per muscle group. We’re not saying you won’t need to work hard, just that you need to work smart as well. 

Be patient!

You’re not going to get big overnight. Or even in a week. But if you follow a good regime – preferably one that’s been put together for you by a good trainer – you WILL get results.

Finally, you need to put the right fuel in to get the best results out. Diet is super important for natural bodybuilders. If you want to find out what foods are going to be most helpful in your quest for gains, take a look at our article <here>.

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