Best workout for natural bodybuilders

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Natural body building is on the rise as more and more people aim to get fit and bulk up without any performance enhancers. The problem is that a lot of people who are new (and not so new) to the world of natural lifting keep trying to use workout routines designed for people who may be using some – ahem – assistance. The thing about performance enhancing drugs is that they enhance your performance: you can lift more and heavier for longer, and your recovery is faster too. So people who are using enhancers will be able to push themselves

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Best ways to build bulk naturally

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Despite all the evidence to the contrary, there’s still a misconception floating around that natty bodybuilders can’t get massive gains. Well, it’s time to bust that myth for once and all, because taking a natural approach to bodybuilding will not only let you make amazing gains, you’re going to have better-looking muscles too. Because achieving those results naturally will only happen through hard work and balance, leading to a more symmetrical, defined look. BUT, what we’re not going to do is tell you what exercises to do and what regime to follow. Everyone is different and you need to get

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Are there benefits from intermittent fasting for bodybuilders?

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This content is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t take the place of advice and/or supervision from a professional. Speak with your medical or health professional if you have any concerns. Fasting isn’t new – it’s been used for cleansing and spiritual reasons for centuries. The concept of using intermittent fasting for weight control and other health reasons is somewhat newer though. But what about using intermittent fasting to benefit your bodybuilding journey? There are several types of intermittent fasting, and it might take some testing to work out which one suits you best – preferably in

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Free weights vs weight machines? Which is better

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It’s an argument as old as the machines themselves: which is better? Free weights or weight machines? As with most things to do with building muscle, there is no 100% right or wrong answer. Because both free weights AND weight machines have their pros and cons, depending on what you’re trying to do. Benefits of free weights First, we should probably answer the question: what are free weights? Basically, free weights are any weights you can pick up and carry around: dumbbells, kettle balls, barbels, and so forth. So, now that you’ve got a handle on what they are, let’s

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You don’t have to be big to be strong

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At the gym one day, surrounded by all of the usual suspects, lifting heavy and hard and trying to bulk up, one guy stood out from all of them. He was very lean and didn’t look like what you’d consider to be ‘classically strong’. He sat on the floor, stretching for a while, then grabbed two Swiss balls and proceeded to casually plank on top, with his elbows on one of them and his feet on the other. If you’ve ever planked before you know exactly how strong you need to be to do it. Combine that with the added

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Best bodybuilding supplements from nature

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When we talk about ‘supplements’ in body building, it’s easy to automatically think about things that come out of a tub or a bottle. But did you know that some of the best natural muscle supplements are easily found in most kitchens? If you’re looking at taking a totally natural approach to body building then foods should be your first go-to as muscle building supplements and for fuelling your system during your workouts. First things first – no amount of hard work is going to deliver the results you’re stiving for unless you get some of the basic foundations right.

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Eating low fat food means you won’t gain any body fat (Myth)

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This article may contain Amazon Affiliate links – if you click through and purchase from Amazon, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Diets are something that comes under constant scrutiny and in this ever-changing environment, it is hard to decide what is good for you. Information overload is a real thing, and reading or knowing so many different sources can be confusing. But one fad that we can break down for you, is the myth that eating low fat means you will not gain any fat. What are the different types of Fats –Contrary to

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What is natural bodybuilding?

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You’ve probably seen a lot of talk online regarding ‘natural’ bodybuilding and might – at some stage – have wondered what it’s all about. If you’re keen to get into the best possible shape you can AND you want to do it without the dubious ‘benefits’ and honestly pretty terrifying side effects of chemical enhancers then natural bodybuilding is exactly what you’re looking for.  In basic terms, natural bodybuilding is a combination of hard work, good nutrition, and the right program of exercise.  Natural supplements, like protein, are fine. Chemical enhancers, like steroids, are not. If you’re thinking of getting seriously into natural bodybuilding and want

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Top Natural bodybuilders of the world

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This article may contain Amazon Affiliate links – if you click through and purchase from Amazon, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Photo by Gorilla Freak on Unsplash Bodybuilding has been around for a considerably long time and basically involves the use of progressively changing the resistance of weights while exercising, to control and develop one’s musculature. Bodybuilding came to be in fashion when Eugen Sandow, who is also known as the ‘Father of Modern Bodybuilding’ began to promote it and allowed audiences to view his body and musculature for a fee.Bodybuilding competitions are judged

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Why Use Bodybuilding Supplement?

We’ve seen celebrities like Anthony Joshua, Dyllan White, C. Ronaldo, and others with attractive physical features. Apparently, those figures can prompt just anyone to consider bodybuilding. But there’s always a bodybuilding routine from the moment of your decision to the moment you become a pro. In this article, we’re going to examine what role do bodybuilding supplements have in the process. In other words, why should you consider any supplement before or after workouts? Provides energy Apparently, we have a number of bodybuilding supplements in markets that build nothing but the pockets of owners. Such unwarranted prevalence of useless products

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